remember who you damn well are
and who you were born to be

you’re here for more
and you know it

read to crack this shit wide open?

Connect deeply into the future that
you’re stepping into
And records yourself at that level

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This ultra special reprogramming audio has you connect with the You you’ve always known you could be and recode yourself there. FUTURE SELF NOW has you connect with your future best self and the gifts she has for you, so you can activate it all TODAY.

  • “All the books I’ve read on leadership are no reflection of the work I’ve done here.”

    Fiona Migan-Philip
    Fiona Migan-Philip CEO of Equinology, GameChangerLive Participant
  • "Kate is impacting her audiences at an emotional level and at a life changing level. I highly recommend her."

    Mark Klaasen
    Mark Klaasen NLP Master Trainer & Corporate Consultant
  • "It has been one of the most profound and impactful personal shakeups and shifts I have ever experienced."

    John Abbott
    John Abbott John Abbott, Creator of the Giving Modal, GameChangerLive Participant
  • " Most powerful and intense week I’ve experienced and trust me I’ve had rough weeks. With a SAS Marine’s background, I know what tough feels like! When it comes to these two, I have a lot to be grateful for..."

    John Smith
    John Smith SAS Special Forces Officer, GameChangerLive Participant
  • "It was the most incredible life-changing experience that I’ve EVER experienced. Kate is an incredibly vibrant, inspirational, hilarious and nurturing woman!"

    Katherine Emma Peksis
    Katherine Emma Peksis Holistic Life Coach
  • "I absolutely love Kate, she comes from the heart, her message is inspiring. I highly recommend her. She's a woman who changes lives."

    Marvin Oka
    Marvin Oka World Leader in Neuro Behaviour Modelling, Master Trainer & Master Modeller
  • "Kate is an inspiration, Kate is one to watch."

    Sir Paul Holmes
    Sir Paul Holmes TV Presenter and Broadcaster
  • "I simply LOVE what Henare & Kate have created, their messages are so authentic & such a huge alignment with my own teachings."

    Marci Shimoff
    Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Happy For No Reason
  • "Henare & Kate have wonderful skills to bring out the best in people. This is a powerful team of personal development to listen to."

    Brandon Bays
    Brandon Bays New York Times Bestselling Author & Globally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Founder of 'The Journey'