You’re here for more. and you know it. I used to tell myself bullshit stories too of ‘why I couldn’t’. They seemed so real, so I get it. Mine were pretty extreme, the stories I was telling myself sent me to rock bottom (you can read about it here – depression, anorexia, drugs). It wasn’t until I actually chose it ALL that everything really cracked open. I chose my dreams and I chose myself. On every level. instead of dialing it all down. I stopped squeezing myself into a box that wasn’t for me.

What if everything you’ve been running from, is actually your superpower? The idea that you’re not enough and that you don’t already have what you need is such a crock. The reality is, you already are who you’ve been looking for. And the hilarious bit? The parts of yourself that you’ve been avoiding and hiding? Yup, they’re your superpowers.

Peeps complicate this shit waaaaaay too much. And then get lost in the noise of that complication, never actually moving forward. Literally the reason why I’ve created such extraordinary success, and come through the extremes I have, IS because I’ve developed mastery in the simple. I’m masterful at having ‘play big’ be so damn doable that it simply becomes WHO YOU ARE.

And then from there? … anything becomes possible.

See, I remind women to remember who the hell they are, have a backbone, and be unapologetic and ridiculously unstoppable in creating what it is that they’re called for, regardless of where they’ve come from…

.. which leads me to this

I’ve known rock bottom. I remember what it felt like lying on the carpet at 3am, looking at the ceiling and wondering whether I would make it through that night. Rewinding a bit, I’d had seven years or so of bulimia, three years of anorexia and just under a year on drugs.

That night, I had to make a decision (anything can be a turning point, when we choose it).

Since then, I’ve gone on to create a global business, be nominated for awards, build a team of 12 full-timers, led 5 day trainings for groups of 100 and more, run the worlds biggest personal development summit and collaborate with the biggest names in the industry and thought leaders of our time.

“I heard so many stories of regret as I nursed people who were dying, that I simply don’t believe the excuses that myself or others bring to the table.”

Henare and I have been together for 15 years, our marriage is testimony of what can be created when two people get committed to extraordinary, instead of being committed to the struggle. We have two amazing teenagers, Bailey and Zion.

For the last 20+ years, I’ve been training and teaching in various capacities. In my earlier years, I worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator, travelling New Zealand, training Doctors and Nurses. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been teaching “no bullshit personal leadership” to those who know they’re here for more and are truly done with fucking around and playing small.

Are YOU ready to crack this shit open?
Let’s do it

Kate Maree O’Brien
BN RCpN | INLPTA Certified NLP Trainer
INLPTA Certified NLP Master Practitioner

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