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My story

Hmm, where do I start? The polished bit, or the messy bit? Ok I’ll start here…
I am deeply – DEEPLY – passionate about seeing women living at the level of their greatest potential. 

Let me give you some context and a bit of background as to why

I did not become the woman I am today gracefully. It was fucking hard work. There have been some epic struggles including depression, bulimia, anorexia and drug use.  I’ve known rock bottom. I remember lying on the carpet at 3am, looking at the ceiling and wondering if I’d make it through the night. It was a pivotal point. You can read about my full journey over on the pink story highlight on my instagram page – @KateMareeOBrien – that way I don’t have to fill the page with all those details here!

Lying on the floor that night, I made an irreversible decision

I decided to get my life back, and use it to make a difference. It took a few years, but I did it. I even climbed my way up to working as a Clinical Nurse Educator, travelling New Zealand training Doctors and Nurses. I loved it. I was also running coaching groups for free at home at night times – fulfilling on that promise I made that night.  But I kept feeling an inner nudge that I couldn’t shake. It was like I KNEW there was something else I was supposed to be doing. Something that if I didn’t do it, I’d have regrets. It was the day that I was offered the nursing manager’s position – my ‘dream’ job – that I reached another decision point.

As scary as it was, it was time for me to step the hell up.

That same day – while crying in my nursing office – I wrote my resignation letter. Was I insane? (my parents certainly thought so!).  And I took the leap leaving the best job Id ever been offered, and the best team Id ever worked with… to follow… a “NUDGE”.

It’s been a decade since then, and life has certainly changed.

I’ve turned my passion for mining the diamonds inside of you into a global business. I’ve been nominated for awards, built a team of 12 full-timers and created Australasia’s largest women’s leadership and empowerment event. I’ve led 5 day advanced leadership trainings for groups of 100 throughout Australasia and SouthEast Asia, and run the world’s biggest personal development summit. I’ve been a mother, a wife, a lioness, and a businesswoman. I’ve collaborated with the biggest names in the industry, and sat at the table with the thought leaders of our time.  

And.. I’m OBSESSED with teaching “no bullshit personal leadership” to people who know that they were born for more. I work with women who’re tired of playing it safe and ready to turn their potential into unstoppable – results birthing – POWER.

If you want my help to pull the pin on YOUR next level, here’s where you can start...

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