Here’s the pieces that we’ll need from you to bring this all together

The team will send you two things to collect all the following bits of information from you

      • YOUR GOOGLE DOC – please complete ALL the sections in the google doc that the team have given you. Once all the sections are complete, let us know so we can start on your podcast build!
      • GOOGLE DRIVE – The team will share with you your GOOGLE DRIVE. This is where you can upload everything.

Just flick the team a quick message when you’ve added things in there so that they know.


You don’t have to get too fancy with this! But as a basic, you DO want your audio to sound really good! I personally like the BLUE YETI MICROPHONE (its an industry standard), for recording clear audio. It produces a great sound, and has a USB connection to plug into your computer for recording from your laptop

    1. Decide the who/what/how

WHO its for.

WHAT are the themes you’ll be talking about

HOW will you deliver it (Interviewing others / Talking on your own / Talking with another person (co-host) who helps your conversation flow) – or a mix of these styles

    1. Decide the NAME of your podcast

Tips: Check to see if it already exists by searching on podcast platforms. If you want to purchase the URL for your podcast name (a great idea!) , check to see if the URL is available

SIDE NOTE: If you would like us to purchase your URL for you on your behalf, let us know and we’ll do that! (to save you time figuring it out)

    1. Podcast Branding Image (dimensions for this image need to be 1250 x 260)

Each podcast has its own branding image. This is the visual image that represents your podcast and is what people will visually think of when they think of your podcast. It doesn’t need to be overly fancy (although it can be!). This image will be uploaded with EVERY episode. It will also be used as the basis for your weekly marketing graphics for social media.
Please note, when someone is looking at your podcast on their phone, the actual graphic is relatively small.. so whats important is that the image is clear, with a great photo of you (if you’re using a photo of yourself, vs a cartoon of you etc)

Two options here..

      • You can get this designed yourself from a senior designer, and send us the PSD files (we can recommend senior designers we like working with)
      • OR you can have our team create a SIMPLE and CLEAR graphic for this. Please note, that we currently don’t have a senior designer on the team, and so the branding graphic will be simple and clear, without the bells and whistles of heavy branding.

If you go for the first option, please upload your PSD files (original working files from your designer) into our shared Google drive folder

OR if you go for option two, please send us your FAVOURITE photo(s) of yourself that would be a great fit to use for this. What works well are photos where your face is VERY clear and bright.

    1. Podcast IntroductionCLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE

Write and record the voiceover for your podcast introduction. As short and succinct as possible. In a nut shell, this sets the tone of your podcast, establishes who you are, communicates who this podcast is for, and what people can expect. This will be clipped at the start of every episode (so record it a few times until you’re happy with how it sounds)

    1. Choose your theme music

Each podcast has its own music theme. Because music communicates, it sets the tone and energy of your podcast. It’s a great idea to choose a theme track that you LOVE, and that creates a tone that you feel fits in with the theme of your podcast.
You can find free music on Bensound (CLICK HERE), or Audiojungle (CLICK HERE) has a MUCH bigger range, and you pay for the track (approx. $50)

    1. Write your description / introduction – max of 4000 characters

This text will be inserted into the description area of each podcast platform, so that people can have a READ of who you are, what your podcast is, what you stand for, what else you provide etc. YES you can insert web links here so think about where you’d like to send people to – ideally a powerful call to action here will be great.

    1. Write and record your ‘channel trailer’ – CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE

This is a stand-alone voice recording of any length of time (up to 5 – 7 minutes is a great guide though), which acts as a ‘trailer’ for your podcast. Its uploaded on its own, and marked clearly as the trailer. It’s a larger introduction to you, your podcast, and anything else you want them to know first off. Ive included mine as an example, linked above. You could go and listen to other people’s trailers online if you want more inspiration and ideas.

    1. Write the TEXT that will go in the description with the channel trailer

With each episode that gets uploaded, INCLUDING the channel trailer, there’s an opportunity to write some text to go with it, and add in clickable links that will go to websites, social media pages OR URLs / optins. Write the description that you want to go with your channel trailer, and add it to the GOOGLE DOC that the team has sent you

    1. Write and record your ‘half-time’ advert! – CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE

This is how you use your podcast to build your assets, ie ‘email list’. Offer your listeners something high value, for FREE, and tell them where to go to receive it. Then when they land there, they can enter their name and email (IF collecting emails is your goal here), to receive the free thing.  Well, the ‘half time advert’ is a VERY quick little voice over that you can record (and we will edit it with music behind so that it creates a BREAK in the episode), that tells them about it. Check out the sample of mine above. The team, when editing your episode, will edit this piece into each episode.

    1. Marketing Materials

It’s a great to have templates (graphic, video or both) set up to promote your weekly episodes across social media. Lets get these templates set up, and stored on file so that every week when we launch your new episodes, we can simply update these templates with the new EPISODE NAME, BULLET POINTS, AUDIO CLIP, and then get them out to promote!

Two options here..

      • You can get these designed yourself from a senior designer / videoeditor, and send us the PSD files (we can recommend senior designers we like working with)
      • OR you can have our team create simple clear templates for this based on your branding graphic.

If you go for the first option, please upload the ORIGINAL working files from the creator into our shared Google drive folder

OR if you go for option two, then we will go ahead and create these templates within our team, based on your branding graphic

Once these templates are set up, we will have them uploaded into your Google drive folder to be used for marketing on all future episodes.


Go ahead and record your first episodes and send them to us in their raw version, and we’ll take care of it from there!

Here’s some tips on how we will manage this process between us…

TIP ONE: Please clearly label the file for each episode with the NAME of the episode. For example: if your episode is called “I like bananas”, then please LABEL the file “I like bananas raw file”

TIP TWO: Please indicate on the tracking sheet (google doc), every time that you record and upload an episode. This tracking sheet is where we manage your episodes. Its how we know what episodes are going on which week, which of them have been recorded and which of them have completed their editing process