I recently had my ass served to me on a platter by a Russian nail ‘master’ (read on and you’ll know why I call her ‘the master’ instead of a ‘technician’)

In just three words (points for efficiency!) I got schooled.

We’d just met for the first time in a sauna and as we were chatting she announced that she was a MASTER of nails

Fuck me. I thought how refreshing.

How many women just announce that they’re THE MASTER, not enough, that’s for damn sure, dialing down and shrinking is too often the norm.

Needless to say, I booked her to do my nails the very next day (I wasn’t going to miss out on THE MASTER)

The following day, while she was doing my nails she showed me her instagram page, and her photos were NEXT LEVEL.

I commented to her ‘wow, you’re amazing at taking photos’ and then I made a throw away comment
‘I’m not very good at taking photos’
She lifted her head (sloooow motion like)
Looked at me
And in her thick Russian voice, she smacked me with these 3 simple words

bam💥 🥊

It was so refreshing to be on the receiving end of another woman being SO direct. I loved it.

I ADORE direct, clean and clear communication

AND… she had a bloody good point

It hadn’t occured to me to apply what I’ve done in all the other areas of my success… to ‘taking cool photos’

It’s applicable EVERYWHERE


anything else, is an over-complication

I told Henare when he got home about the conversation. “that’s the kind of thing you’d say” he laughed.

Since then, I made a new decision
And then, I followed through with the ‘action’ of that decision

…. I hired a top wedding photographer and spent hours PLAYING, snapping photos and LEARNING what works for me

I’ve learnt that some types of shots I DONT like, and they feel off (I’m now VERY clear on what isn’t a fit for me!!!)

AND I’ve also learnt that types of photos that I LOVE, and the energy of them feels on 🔥

Like in this photo, and the one I posted a few days ago in my undies. I genuinely LOVED snapping these ones. Whereas, ‘pretending to walk next to a pool, staring off into the distance pensively’.

Yeah, nah, not for me


……….. I GOT IN THE GAME!!!

Stop sitting on the sidelines trying to perfect the game

Stand the fuck up and get in!
That’s where the learning’s happening

Lets say it again

Step 1 – DECIDE
Step 2 – DO

I now have a repeat photoshoot booking every 4 weeks and for the first time in my life I’m EXCITED about photos

I also have 30 fucking cool photos on my phone for the next month of daily posts!!!

Why? simply cause I DECIDED to ‘get good’

Yup – it gets to be THAT simple

DROP the bullshit

Anything thats in the way of you BEING the person you KNOW you’re here to be

And creating the results you KNOW you’re here to create gets to be dropped, and a new decision gets to be made

IF you want new results it truly is THAT simple

YOU get to decide to have things be that simple in your life

cool eh

oh, and “DIRECT COMMUNICATION” and “WOMEN BEING STRAIGHT” is also a very fucking magnetic thing also

So….. ‘do the thing’, or … ‘not’

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