if you’re not willing to be ALL of you, then that in itself will throttle you. and in ways that you cant even grasp while you’re in chronic ‘throttle thy self mode’

why? cause you’ll never move beyond the level to which you’re holding yourself back

Last night, Henare and I came home from a date night (2 date nights in a row) and we were scrolling through some old videos of mine looking for something. They were from only two years ago, and it was like looking at two different people

the level to which I was holding my shit back was shocking. I could kinda feel it at the time, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. to see it in hindsight is like dogs balls obvious. I’ve shifted SO much in such a short time. and its less about ‘changing’ and been more about ALLOWING ME TO BE ALL OF ME. allowing it ALL out, regardless of where I am and regardless of who I’m with

and by the way, its an

and again
and again

kind of process. where you continually allow yourself to BE all of you. and just when you thought you’d let it all through. you realise that there’s a whole other layer of your power and realness, under THAT

its only AFTER you have the courage to BE ALL OF YOU

that your eyes get opened, and you experience whats on the other side of it that you go ‘ooooooh fuck!’ – “I held back my power for so long, cause I was afraid of being ALL of me”

and the penny drops (with a fucking thud)

and you realise the truth

the more you be all of you
the more that you’re connected to ALL your power

cause you’re no longer throttling your energy
and then… your energy magnifies
and everything within you gets switched on
and your very beingness becomes magnetic

(Im doing a keynote talk to a 1000 + people on stage this Saturday about BEING MAGNETIC and the art of switching ALL of us on)

and actually, its EASIER this way

think about it. TRULY being yourself
is the easiest fucking thing in the world

all that extra energy in ‘over thinking’ ‘figuring it out’ ‘waiting until’ ‘trying to get it right’.. – boof – it vanishes

which for most people, is like an 80% immediate increase in energy availability (I wish people the extent of this. how much background energy is spinning and being sucked away, purely by NOT being themselves)

I see so many peeps with the energetic constipation written all of their face. it sits in their energy field like a lurking dead shit. a hidden squater than sits just out of site, but stinks up the space

while at the same time, dialling back their own shit cause they’ve not allowed themselves to inhabit themselves FULLY

and they they look outside of themselves for HOW to feel better, and, usually, turn to shit that compounds the problem

continually looking for solutions that’re NOT at the level of the problem. therefore, wont release it

for example:

a coach. she’s not making money. her business is stuck. and she’s ONLY trying to find ‘better sales strategies’ and meanwhile, completely ignoring the fact that her energy is constipated and THATS whats blocking things. you cant FEEL her, cause she’s not even allowing herself to fully feel herself. you dont know who she is, cause she’s holding all of that waaay back. cause she feels like she’s supposed to ‘be someone’, she’s not actually letting her be herself, and her custom built magic is still sitting in the trunk of her car, unopened

no amount of external ‘strategies’, will compensate for the amount to which you’re blocking yourself from within

which includes…

>> filtering yourself because you think that ‘this’ and ‘that’ about you is acceptable. and so you only show ‘this’ and ‘that’ and you hold everything else back

that which equals — you only running on a partial tank. and that partial tank will only get you so far until you decide to ACTIVATE the other tanks that are already within you

>> trying to be like someone else, cause you see them being successful, and so you try and emulate them

which equals — it takes all this extra energy, cause you aint being you. and you’ve forgotten that your magic IS in being you. ALL of you

and of course.. it feels OFF

lets leave the Me Too movement, for the Me Too movement. when it comes to YOU, dont be a ‘me too’

have the courage to find who YOU are, and then let it all through. THATS where your power lies. THATS where all the abundance in the world will be unlocked from

This is what Im sharing tomorrow on stage to 1000 Freedom Fester’s. EXCITED!

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