Kate is impacting her audiences at an emotional level and at a life changing level. I highly recommend her.

Mark Klaasen, INLPTA Certified NLP Master Trainer & Corporate Consultant

I’m Kate. I shake things up in the world of women’s leadership.

I remind women…. to remember who the hell they are, have a backbone, and be unapologetic (and unstoppable) in creating what it is that they’re called for, regardless of where they’ve come from…

.. which leads me to this. I know rock bottom. I remember what it felt like lying on the carpet in my room at 3am, looking up at the ceiling and wondering whether I would make it through that night. Rewinding a bit, I’d had seven years or so of bulimia, three years of anorexia and just under a year on drugs.

That night, I had to make a decision.

Anything can be a turning point, when we choose it.

We each have so much to contribute. Yet it’s too easy for people to think that success is reserved for a select few. The elite top shelf humans who have a destiny for greatness. What if instead, it was the everyday people, who decided to answer the call, and step up, regardless of how prepared they felt.

Since then, I’ve gone on to create a global business, be nominated for awards, build a team of 12 full-timers, led 5 day trainings for groups of 100 and more, run the worlds biggest personal development summit and collaborate with the biggest names in the industry and thought leaders of our time.

“I’ve heard too many stories of regret as I nursed people who were dying, that I don’t believe any of the excuses people – or myself – bring to the table.”

I absolutely love Kate, she comes from the heart, her
message is inspiring. I highly recommend her. She’s a
woman who changes lives.

Marvin Oka, World Leader in Neuro Behaviour Modelling, Master Trainer & Master Modeller

I’d love to contribute massive value
to your audience

Here’s just some of the topics we can talk about…

  • Losing the excuses and doing the ‘thing’
  • The process of continual comfort zone expansion
  • Why trying to get rid of self doubt, is screwing us up
  • What the heck is a conscious relationship, and what does it take?
  • Waking the fuck up from the sleepwalk
  • Moving through the dip before the breakthrough
  • Putting your creativity and art first
  • The role of risk in cracking our own capacity
  • Loving and choosing it all (and I do mean it ALL)



Check out some more of Kate in action…

I simply LOVE what Kate has created, her messages are so
authentic and such a huge alignment with my own

Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Happy for No Reason” and “Love For No reason”