I’m so glad you’re here!

Journaling is a total fricken gamechanger. It's made a huge difference in my life on every level, stepping into higher and higher levels of my own personal leadership, being able to see and shift the blocks that’ve been in my blind-spot, and to shift my own internal set points so that I'm being the woman that I know I can be, at the highest of levels.

Cause when we operate from that level, without waiting for things outside of us to change first. We then get met at that level. Which means “you go first!”, and then you’ll get met there. Your outside circumstances will line up to meet you with where you are operating. So instead of waiting for things to change, you must change.

I always say, ‘leaders go first’. What I mean is that YOU must go first, in being who you know you can be. And when you do that, your life, people and everything will adjust to meet you there.

I'm beyond excited to bring you the CREATIVE ACTIVATION CARDS which are an entire kit for journaling mastery. And essentially, taking back the driver’s seat in your life. 

In your CREATIVE ACTIVATION CARDS, you get over a decade of my expertise, experience and knowledge of transformation, law of attraction and journaling, condensed into an easy to use kit.

So much love and intention has been infused into the creation of this card deck. The entire kit has been created in conjunction with an award winning designer to be a beautiful experience that you’ll look forward to every day.

If something’s pulling you to rise, listen to it


Tips and Tricks for
Journaling Mastery



Journaling is a dynamic tool to shift old energy and take back the driver’s seat. A daily practice will dissolve any old beliefs, re-script your current unhelpful stories, and clarify your future visions.

These stunningly designed, practical prompt cards will help to uncover your desires, release any blockages, and shift your internal set points. Use them daily for the clarity and certainty you need to take the most aligned next step.

Whether you’re new to journaling, or want to inspire an existing practice, these creative activation prompts are the perfect tool to lift your vision and attract your desires.

Each card contains a unique journaling prompt to support a powerful journaling session, sparking shifts such as… 

Generating More Journaling Clarity In Your Future,
Your Dreams And Your Best Next Steps

Inspiring and sparking your creative thinking and developing the muscle of possibility thinking

Guiding you to dig deep and uncover what you haven’t been noticing (i.e. - the thing that's been operating in the background and having you feel stuck)

Releasing stories, beliefs and weight that no longer serve you

Re-scripting new expansive stories that serve and empower you
at the highest level

And so much more!

Use the cards daily to unlock the inner resourcefulness, clarity and creativity that you already have within you. Each card is 9 X 13 cm and are nestled in a luxurious box with accompanying instructions.

Each Pack Comes With:

  • 46 full-colour creative activation cards with journaling prompts
  • Instruction card with journaling guidance