Bliss Tonic Cacao is a high-quality ceremonial-grade cacao paste made from whole raw organic cacao beans and nothing else. The beans are ethically sourced from certified organic family farms in Bali, where the land and crops are prayed over daily, and the beans are treated with love and respect from tree to cup.
Bliss Tonic Cacao has a delicious creamy flavour and potent energy reflective of the energy and love of the people and land it’s grown on, as well as the care and handling from tree to cup, and the traditional methods used.
Bliss Tonic Cacao
When you drink Bliss Tonic Cacao, you’ll immediately feel the difference! It’s an extremely potent, raw organic ceremonial cacao which has healing properties on many levels. It opens the heart while providing increased energy, focus, creativity, and emotional connection. Bliss Tonic Cacao is sourced from small family farms in Bali, where the land and cacao are blessed daily, and the farmers are paid four times the price they would otherwise get for their cacao.
Creative Activation Cards
This is your ultimate journaling kit! Use this every day, to shift into the driver’s seat, dissolve old beliefs, crack open your most empowered future, and re-script yourself to align with that new level, daily. Incorporating over a decade of research and experience, I created the journaling card kit that I wished was available