Here’s a glimpse of my day today

I started at 5.30am, opening up a gift I bought myself (I always get the gifts I give myself, gift wrapped)

its this $110 Parker Pen. from which Ill be doing all my daily writing

I mean, I may as well write my future every day from a hundred dollar pen, right?

I paid for it in rupiah, and so it was written on the receipt as over a million rupiah. which is fitting

a million dollar pen, writing my multi million dollar reality

I wrote for 2 hours, as I do most mornings before kids and hubby wake up

and then, had a 20 minute workout by the pool, before my hairdresser arrived to blow dry my hair (which she does Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

after my hairdresser left, I met with my personal assistant in my office upstairs and I handed over EVERYTHING

I’m flying out tomorrow and let her know of ALL the things that needed done

She went and got my computer updated /installed with new software, arranged some printing, booked a beauty therapist to come to my house for a pedi in my office while I’m writing this afternoon and all sorts of other odd jobs

then I had an AMAAAAZING session which realigned me at a new level. again

I went and laid down on the bed. with the intention that while I was lying down, Id get the download of the exact name for my next program which I’m launching today (the program’s come through, but the name hadn’t, YET)

10 minutes later, eyes open


I went into my office to write it down with my million dollar pen and found a newly made hot Cacao sitting there waiting for me (my team is amazing)

program name decided, I sent it off to my designer who’s updating the graphics now all ready for launching later today

This is all the stuff I don’t usually share from my life

I’m grateful that I always chose to go first

waaaayyyyy before my external reality told me it was possible

I went first

stepped up
showed up

and took the actions, daily

… continually creating the reality that I saw in my head, until it became the reality that I lived in my daily life

I hope you hear something in that for yourself

cause, if you want your day to day reality to shift
You’ve gotta be the one to choose that

which YES means energetically claiming it before you can see it

and YES it ALSO means taking the daily aligned actions towards it

and it just so happens that the program I’m releasing this afternoon is going to help with exactly that

the doors will fly open this afternoon

You are welcome

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