Hey Gorgeous! I’m so glad that you’re here….

Can I be frank with you for a moment….?

You already know that you have soooooo much more capacity inside of you than what you’ve been pretending. In fact, the capacity that’s within YOU, blows my fricken mind!

So, if you dont mind me asking… (please take this with a tone of love)

Why the fuck are you holding yourself back so much? Pussy footing around your power? Pretending that your ‘littler’ than what you really are?

Surely you’re not doing it cause its ‘fun’ (cause it doesn’t look fun from the outside)

Did you decide at some point that you’d be safer that way? That to fit in, you had to live like everyone else? Act like them, make decisions like them, hold yourself back like them.

(I’m going to push the point here a little bit, so pop on your seatbelt and take a breath)……

That it was safer to be living a mediocre life, and getting mediocre results?

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s elements of ‘simple’ that I adore. In fact, having things be ‘clear’and ‘simple’ is actually one of the Superpowers of Success. However, most people don’t. And Aren’t. They OVERCOMPLICATE stuff. Make it way harder than what it needs to be.. and the payoff for that juicy little pattern…. is….. (drumroll please) ….. “STUCK LAND”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it now (duh!)

So THAT’S why you’ve been stopping at the hurdles? (Is it?)

Why you overthink things. Over complicating them in your head until you’ve either talked yourself out of it OR freaked yourself out so much, that you haven’t moved forward.

It gives you a way out? A REASON to continue to be small.

But why??

and… why?????!!!!!!!!

And aren’t you done with that?? Aren’t you fed up with living this way? Getting results at a tiny fraction of your capacity BEING at a tiny fraction of your capacity

What would it be like for you to FULLY know your power

And be operating at your FULL capacity.

How would it feel to you, KNOWING in your cells that you’re creating at the capacity to which you truly can And can you even imagine the results there?

The thing is, this ‘holding yourself back’ thing, is a bit of a viscious cycle. You hold yourself back, and so you don’t get the results you want. And then because you’re not getting the results you want, you overthink things, and hold yourself back more.

Well, guess what? As much as that’s a vicious cycle, So too is the opposite.

When you truly GO ALL IN And you SAY YES to whats calling you. You JUMP TWO FEET IN and as a result, YOU CREATE RESULTS at that level That then creates MORE MOMENTUM in that direction. As a result of how you’re being, and how you’re showing up. As a result of what YOU CLAIM FOR YOURSELF, then you get met there at that level.

And because you get met there at that level, it just gets easier and easier. And the flow becomes more and more awesome. And you get higher and better results, again and again…

It’s just how it happens.

Saying YES to where you’re being nudged, opens even MORE doors.

It’s just how it happens.

When you PUT A STAKE IN THE GROUND, and CLAIM WHAT YOU DESIRE, unapologetically and non-negotiably. Your cells start vibrating at a different level. And that vibration attracts in at that level.

It’s just how it happens.

and… it starts with YOU

YOU going first

This 30 Days is about YOU going first

YOU knowing yourself at the level of YOUR FULLEST CAPACITY

And fully activating your own superpowers at that level

Cause when you do…. you get to cause and create ANYTHING

The realm of SUPERPOWER ACTIVATION is the realm of YOU being able to call in and CREATE THE RESULTS that YOU CHOOSE.

You’ll create MASSIVE results

FIRSTLY, you’ll create actual tangible results in your life. Of course. But this will just be a side effect of WHO YOU’RE BEING, and the level to which and how consistently you show up for what truly matters. The results will flow.

SECONDLY (and I think, more importantly).. is WHO YOU GET TO BECOME IN THE PROCESS.

THAT’S waaayyyyyyyyy more important.
Who are you growing yourself into?

Want to know something? We think our results are just caused by our actions. There’s something bigger at play that just our ‘actions’. Step back further, and you’ll see “who is the person, creating the actions”. THAT’S the key bit here. And the bit that’s often missed. If you KNOW yourself as someone who is capable of causing epic results.. then THAT affects your actions. It FUSES your actions with the juicy-juice required to have them have legs in the world. (i.e. – CAUSE CONSISTENTLY FUCKING EPIC RESULTS)


If who you know yourself as is a 50 percenter (you know what I’m talking abut).. then THAT will come through in your actions, and of course, your results will BE at that level.

soooo… the question is…

Are you going to continue to know yourself as a 50 percenter? Someone who only goes 50% in and gets 50% results? Someone who follows other people, and listens to the noise outside of them, instead of the voice inside. Someone who dials themselves down, holds themselves back and ‘tries’ to be mediocre, while trying to hush the voice inside that there’s more available.

OR are you going to know yourself as THE FUCKING LEADER

Are you going to know yourself as EPICALLY POWERFUL and ABLE TO CAUSE AND CREATE ANYTHING.

Are you going to know yourself as someone who can say “YES ILL HAVE THAT”…. And say it with a deep knowing that ANYTHING you say, will come to fruition, because you have such a deep power to your word. Because your relationship to yourself, and your own power, (which is the same thing)… IS SUPERPOWER stuff. You FEEL magical in your ability to show up in ALL of you, and create ALL of the results that you want.

And honestly, this IS the main point of SUPERPOWER ACTIVATION.
The results that you’ll create will be cool (really cool!). But the main bit…?

THAT is gold

And THAT is worth eeeeevrything

THAT is a “high value’ investment of your resources (time, energy and money)

(Side Note: We’ll be talking about High Value vs Low Value uses of your time in Superpower Activation. Cause I can guarantee you that you’re currently swamped with very Low Value uses of your time. Hence, the level of your results, and frustrations)

30 Days of Laser Coaching & Support
to activate your Superpowers and have you be the
woman you know you can be

Here’s the flow…

You’ll have PRIVATE ACCESS TO ME for the entire 30 Days !!!!!!

When we kick off together, we’ll meet on Zoom for our first private laser coaching session. We’ll go DEEP into uncovering the elements that you’ll need for the coming 30 Days. From here, you’ll create your 30 Day Superpower Blueprint.

Then, over the 30 days, you’ll be showing up in alignment with your personalized Superpower Blueprint.

I’ll be dropping ultra-special trainings for you that you’ll use to activate your Superpowers even further and trainings that will help you move beyond the old blockers that would’ve stopped you in the past (because moving beyond them IS your innate Superpower. Growing yourself BIGGER than any possible barrier IS your innate Superpower).

And because you’ll ALSO have DIRECT UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ME ON MY PRIVATE CLIENT MESSENGER APP then you can message me WHENEVER you want! We can chat daily about your progress and you can ask me ANY questions along the way. I can’t even begin to describe the value of what this is.

This is what my private high-end clients use to message me whenever they want or need, and YOU’LL get a full 30 Days of access to me here!! And as you can see in the message below, there’s NO limits to what we can discuss, or what you can ask on….. (this is a direct screenshot of a message I got THIS week).

  • Showing up and actually BEING the next level you that you KNOW that you can be. “She’s” been waiting for you for soooo long to step up to where She’s at. It’s time to meet her there. It’s time to meet yourself there.


  • Activating the superpowers that are ALREADY within you, but have been lying
    semi-dormant for some time. It’s time to wake them up, and use them as intended. The great news here, is that they’re already YOURS..


  • BEING the kind of person who just gets the damn results. Regardless of what’s going on, you KNOW that you’re the kind of person that creates the magic, and you DO


  • When MAGIC is who you’re BEING… then what flows from you, is magic..
    And what comes from that.. Is fucking MAGICAL. Become the magic in your own life…


  • Knowing how to stand in your own truth, so that if people don’t agree with you,
    you don’t lose connection with your path


  • Being SO clear with your boundaries, that you TEACH people who you are
    and what you’ll have and not have. This makes boundary setting natural,
    because WHO YOU’RE BEING communicates the boundaries


  • Truly GETTING in your own life the high value and low value uses of your time,
    so that you end the cycle of doing a lot, without getting results, and you flip that on it’s head, so that life becomes MORE spacious, while you create results on a level that you’ve never experienced before


  • Vibing at the level of solutions and possibilities (which means, expanding who you are and who you’re being beyond any obstacle that could come up. This means,
    that the stuff that throws most people off, doesn’t even register on your radar,
    and if it does, it grows you, EVERY time. Cause that’s just WHO YOU ARE at your core


  • Scripting in your reality on a daily basis is one of the most high value uses of your time. I’m going to teach you how to do it and you’ll build this as a habit in your life over the 30 days, so that it just becomes “WHO YOU ARE”. THIS has you BE in the front seat. Hands fully on the steering wheel


  • Being SO clear on where you invest yourself, that you have no space for things that waste your time or drain you, which has you be massively freed up to INVEST in the HIGH VALUE stuff that really moves you forward in BIG ways


Usually access to my Personal Coaching at this level, is only reserved for my $30,000 VIP Clients. However, I feel called to massively support 10 women at this level

I considered charging $6,000 for this program

I then considered charging around $4,000 for this program


If you’re DONE with living a “part” life (part in and part results).
And DONE with NOT knowing yourself as your fullest potential not knowing yourself as the leader that you know you were born to be…

then Private Message me asap to lock in your place as one of the ten I take through

and THEN… allow yourself to get reeeealllly excited

over the coming 30 days, you’ll be stepping into being the woman,
that you’ve always known you can be

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