I’m going to talk about one of the most powerful decisions we can ever make. its literally, HOW I FINALLY dealt with 8 years of bulimia

It’s ALSO the way in which I BECAME the Leader
and created the results I have

This’ll be worth the read

And most likely applicable to the areas that you’re currently struggling with in your life, and where you’re NOT owning YOUR NEXT LEVEL of leadership

The risk is, that you see this as SO simple, you misinterpret its power

Here it is. ya ready?

I simply decided…

(drum roll)

** “I don’t do that anymore” **

In that simple statement, everything gets altered, including who I know myself as, and the entire future Im creating

(keep reading)

It was a decision on a behavioural level
but also, on an identity level

Cause when ‘I don’t do that anymore’
Who I get to know myself as
IS the person who does not do that

And in that moment, THE PERSON ‘who does not do that’,

… SHE steps forward

Which means, that I’m not available to negotiate with myself around this. not ever. its a conversation that got completely taken off the table 12 years ago when I DECIDED “I don’t do that anymore”

And because I’m not available for that
I’m also NOT available for anything less

(relate this to your own life)

It removes conversations around ‘oh, just this once’, cause when you do anything ‘just this once’..

Then immediately (and in that moment) you’re now the kind of person who ‘does things, just this once’..

Being a ‘just this once’ kind of person, to any area which drops your bar, creates way more space for negotiation, energy sucking and the future you don’t want than what you’ve perhaps ever realised

Lets say that ‘just this once’, represents “1%”

Who cares – I mean, its only 1%…… right?
hmmmmmmmmmmm… keep reading

This 1% tolerating, does NOT create a 1% impact…

It creates a 100% IMPACT


You cant be 1% pregnant, you’re either pregnant, or you’re not

You’re either doing it OR you’re not

You’re either lowering your bar, OR, you’re not

You’re either BEING THE LEADER, or, you’re not

You’re either saying yes to what it is that you want, OR, you’re not

You’re either ALL IN, or, you’re not

And so, a decision like what we’re talking about here



NOW, can you see how this relates to Leadership?

I’m sure its dogs-balls obvious, is it not?

I made a decision at one point, that I’M THE LEADER

I get to BE The Leader
Nothing less

I get to choose the things that align with THAT
And say no to the things that don’t

I get to prioritise (time energy and money), show up (regardless, even when I don’t feel it, or have other fears creep in), continue (even when obstacles arise), have laser clear boundaries, arrange my time, say the thing I feel hesitant to say … everything..

….based on that ONE decision

I know what I say yes to, and what I say no to

A lot of the time, people haven’t DECIDED on the level to which they’ll play at, and so its all so verrrry negotiable

Wants, desires, dreams and intentions have NOTHING to stand on in the absence of DECIDING who you are and what you’re up for

When you haven’t DECIDED

Then here’s what happens

“I want this” you say to yourself
You might even pluck up the courage to say yes to it
(see! wow, look at me, I’m saying yes!)

And then…

…… something comes up that gives a growth opportunity (that’s what these obstacles are.. ‘growth opportunities’)

…and because, the “YES” was NOT on top of a non-negotiable decision of the level to which you play at

The yes gets negotiated, into a no, again

And just this once you go back to what you know, taking with you all the reasons of why you sold yourself out, and on in the inside, you hate the fact that you still know yourself as the kind of person who constantly negotiates with herself on her dreams

It feels yuck and icky. when you negotiate with what YOU truly want. and so with that yuck and icky feeling, you want it to go away ,and so you do what you know to do to soothe it

You try and fill that void of icky yucky self negotiating with food, people pleasing, Netflix, shopping.. (you know your go-to soothers), and you even negotiate with yourself on that. until you do it so much, that you numb yourself out

… to have you FINALLY zone out and away from the feeling of your Soul staring at you, with that all knowing, all seeing look She gives

Until you DECIDE once and for all,

What you’re available for, AND what you’re not

It’ll always be an area to which you’re negotiable on

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