It was the most incredible life-changing experience that I’ve EVER experienced.

Hey Gorgeous!

How would you love to LIVE with me in Bali for 5 days, in an ‘oozingly luxurious’ villa,
where you’re treated like a total frickin Queen as you upgrade yourself in every way to a
new level of living
. A new standard of expansive operating.
  Upgrading the standards for
EVERYTHING that truly matters to you, expanding yourself to a new normal,

and locking it all in as DONE DEAL.

Imagine yourself, heading home after the 5 days together, not only feeling the most refreshed
and rejuvenated that you’ve felt in years
(you’ve not known pampering like you’re going to
experience it here with me!
, you’re also clear about what’s actually important to you,
with a clear vision, and new space to operate from. Put in short, you’ll leave with this new level of
living, locked into your cells as DONE FUCKING

Here’s WHY I created this

I want YOU to have the ultimate “live-in” luxury pampering, training and coaching,
reinvigorating experience
So that you get to come away from your life, and be supported
and nourished as you go big picture and recreate the shit that's important to you.

All while having your tank filled to overflowing.

I am THE QUEEN of allowing goodness to flow to me. Nourishing myself and looking after myself
IS my normal. AND because of that, I’m able to operate at my highest level and easily
call in whatever it is that I want as a result. Purely because my expectation muscle is so
developed. The dreams I have, I EXPECT them to come to fruition when I decide that they will.
The day to day life I get to live now, was once a pipe dream that I claimed for myself.
I have an Assistant who works with me full time to care for my needs. I have an incredible team
of 12 full-timers who are such superstars, amazing to create with, and who take care of
everything (they operate within THEIR zone of geniuses) so that I get to operate purely from
MY zone of genius on a daily basis. In short.. I've created my life to be around PLAY and
creativity. And because of that.. results get magnetized in.

And it wasn't always like that. Not on ANY level. I had to learn HOW to lock this in for myself.
I had to learn HOW to trust even when I didn't have the evidence of it in my life. So I claimed this
future for myself, back when my life was in a totally different place. Back then, I was living week to
week, doing shit I didn't like, with a relationship that was ‘so so’. Back then, my life showed no
‘evidence’ of being able to claim this juicy future.. And yet, I LOCKED it in. I locked it in EVERY moment,
EVERY day, every week .. until… MY LIFE SHIFTED.

Just recently, I was on my monthly solo Queen’s Weekend (I take myself away every 4th weekend
to a beautiful location for 3 nights of self care
), someone made the comment “Lucky for you”.
And I got present to how often people don't see the things they would love to have as a possibility.

And so I DECIDED then and there, to create a Queens Experience week where a small group of women
could LIVE with me in a luxury, opulent location, and EXPERIENCE first hand going deep into claiming
their own dreams for themselves. Having permission to unlid the dreams and desires,
the coaching to move past the blocks and old stories, the encouragement and reminder to claim it for
themselves, and the environment and pampering to FILL THEIR TANK TO THE DEPTH OF THEIR SOUL,
so that they would live feeling like the kick-ass, oozing radiance, powerful creator Queen that they are.

How does THAT sound?

I sat there that weekend by the private pool in the luxury Villa that I’d hired and wrote crazily
all about the ultimate experience I want you to have. I wrote and wrote about
how amazing you’d feel from these 5 days, and through my writing the idea came to life.
I messaged my team and said, “IT'S HAPPENING”.

See.. that's just it isn't it?

Don't YOU have so many dreams inside of? Things nudging at you to breathe life into them, shit that's
in your heart that you KNOW you want for yourself. Parts of yourself that you’re aching to express

Aren't you just sick of dialing them down? Aren't you fed up with NOT giving yourself permission
to own your desires? BORED of not living your FULL truth?
Pretending to be anything smaller than who you REALLY know yourself to be?

Wouldn't you just LOVE to shed all the stuff that you’ve been carrying that's not ‘yours’.

So that you can, finally, be…. YOU
The UNLEASHED, LIBERATED version of you

Which means ALL of you

And bringing ALL of your dreams through

(I hear that slight moan you just uttered… Like a throat orgasm finally escaping
as your shoulders drop and you feel the energy of that expansion)

And how would you love to LOCK THIS IN FOR YOURSELF ….?

Lock it ALL in

The Expansion. The “On Your Terms”. The “Massive Tank Filling.
The ‘Claiming of the New Future”.
The “Being The Queen That You Know You Are”.
The “Layer-Shedding-Of-Old-Stuff-That-Doesnt-Serve-You”.

Here's what you can expect as a result...

OF COURSE, you’re going to feel the most rejuvenated and “tank-refueled” that you’ve felt in a
long time, if not, ever! That's just obvious. Part of why you’ll be feeling so refreshed and
recharged is because of the physical refueling that you’re going to get from all the
nourishment and pampering. However, a big part of this is going to come from having your
SOUL be so refueled. On a SOUL-LEVEL you’re going to be connected into a mega power supply
that’ll shock you with how damn amazing you feel.

You’re going to leave having SHED SO MUCH OLD BAGGAGE. All those old beliefs that’ve been
holding you back, stagnancy from who you think you’re supposed to be - “POOOOF”, GONE.
Old congestion from shit that's been blocking you up mentally, that frankly’s not even yours!
You’ll be ‘returning to sender’ on all that shit,cause it ain't coming with you into your new future.

You’re going to be LIT UP by who you already are. FULLY FUCKING PRESENT TO HOW SPECIAL
your unique gifts are (and the hilarious thing is, you’ve probably been trying to change those things
about yourself!)... Na-ah…THEY are your superpowers. And for the first time, you won't be flushing them
down the toilet…You’ll be dusting them off and using them... Spreading your unique magic in the
world, and as a result, doing the things, and being the ways in which YOU were uniquely born for.

New system upgrades locked into your cells - DONE

Shed layers of old baggage and stuff that no longer serves you - DONE

Your future script re-written as one that inspires the pants off you - DONE

You KNOWING yourself as THE leader in your life - DONE

Your Soul rejuvenated - DONE

Yourself physically rejuvenated - DONE

Your tank overflowing with joy, energy, and juicyness - DONE

You expressing yourself in the world, unconditionally
 and being ALL of you - DONE

You panting with anticipation for the rest of your life - DONE

And OF COURSE, we’re going to have a SHIT load of fun. I'm imaging, you’ll leave with a new set of abs,
from all the laughter we’re going to have. Cause frankly, for me… joy and play is NON-FREAKIN-NEGOTIABLE.



Plus, we’ve got ALL the details covered,
so you can focus on what you’re here for:

Here’s what’s included for your 5-Day System Upgrade Experience

You’ve got 4 Nights of accommodation in a stunning Villa in Bali where you’ll have your own luxury private room to yourself and a large comfy bed.

All your meals are included.. And of course, they’ll not only be yummy,
they’ll also be nourishing and nutrition packed foods so that your cells are cleansed and singing.

Daily Private Personal Group Training Sessions. Every morning a private personal trainer or yoga instructor will arrive at the Villa to do a workout with you to set you up physically for the day where your blood is pumping and your body and mind filled with endorphins for the day (if you don't have it when you arrive, you’ll go home after the 5 days SO clear on how daily caring for yourself and your body through movement, is ‘non-negotiable’).

Daily Training. EVERY day you’ll be trained and coached at the level that YOU need for YOUR next level of expanded operating and bullshit dropping.

Private Coaching. Imagine actually LIVING together for 5 entire days (!!!!!!!!!!). EVERYday I'll be coaching you. YOUR system upgrades, will be our daily conversations. Imagine being surrounded by HIGH LEVEL support, coaching and training for 5 days, while you go full immersion into your own personal system upgrade.. IT'S COMPLETELY MIND-BLOWINGLY VALUABLE.

SURPRISES.. Well, obviously I can't exactly tell you here what they are, can I?
It would kinda defeat the purpose! Lets just say that…
there’s some ‘EXTRAS’ included..

Obviously, I can ONLY take through
a very small number of women for this experience
So spaces are SUPER LIMITED

Does this excite the pants off you?

...flick me a msg with any questions OR if you already
know you want to be there, msg me a
Hell Yes and we'll lock in your place!